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Short hairstyles for thick hair

Men and Women with thick hair will never go wrong if they choose to rock a short haircut style in 2012. Usually thick hair brings with it several styling challenges such as too much bulk and weight as well as unmanageable wavy patterns. And most men and women find it difficult to find a hairstyle that works best with their thick hair but this could be because they’ve been working against the nature of their hair. The fact is, women with thick hair can use the volume of their hair to great advantage rather than fight or control them where as men can’t do so. But it is an unbelievable reality to take on that Thick hairs are a blessing rather than blight, as long as they are given the right cut and styled properly. Here are number of the haircuts being found to use as stated below.
• Pixie or cropped hairstyle
• Shag haircut
• Retro short hair
Cropped hairstyle is one of the best hairstyle for thick hair and will look fantastic to men but it can be used by women too with small faces. Fairy or cropped hairstyles can be clipped very close to the head, thinning out the bulk of thick hair. Very short haircuts such as crop or fairy don’t leave sufficient amount of hair to get messy or become unmanageable. This sort of hairstyle is used and picked on a very large scale.

Short hairstyling for thick hairs carries a well known style which is renowned around the globe as Shag method. Shag haircut works well for thick straight hair but not for curly hai

r as this style of shaping hairs gets itself out when being opted for curly hairs. A well-defined, shag haircut is a great way to eliminate the extra bulk and give straight thick hair height.

Shag lends the wearer a sexy and playful look, especially when highlighted with colors that provide visual interest. Shag haircut provides volume and bounce to thick hair and is ideal both for day and evening wear. This haircut makes the personality more powerful to impact in a delicate way.

The retro Marcel wave is the third method of short haircut for thick hairs it may give the best way to work with natural waves on thick hair. This 1920s hairstyle popularized by the “flappers” is actually a short bob with finger curled waves. Although it looks complicated, it actually is a very simple hairstyle to create; all you need are your fingers and some hairspray.

These all above stated styles are common in use but the real impact of short hairstyles for thick hairs is of their sober impact. They protect the hair fall along with a strengthening look. No matter what so ever the condition is but short hairstyles for thick hairs grebes the look of other to you.

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