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Shoes fashion 2012

Shoes fashion 2012

Shoes fashion 2012
May 17
03:19 2012

Every woman wants her feet captivating and beguiling. Some people are very conscious about feet; they use to give proper care and attention to their feet only. Various trends came and went away by giving something new for the next. Some people are very crazy and curious about their shoes that they use to save for them and dream about them all the time.

Now shoes fashions 2012 fulfills each and ever demand and dream of shoes lovers. They can have the shoes of their own choice with a new, sexy and hot trend of 2012. Shoes fashion 2012 came with different trends according to seasons. Summer/ spring shoes and winter trend in shoes.

Metallic toes shoes introduced the purpose behind which is durability and distinction of shoe. Pointed toes brought a huge change in shoes by taking over the place of rounded toes. Pointed shoes are the symbol of femininity and glamour. Braided sandals and high heels with the straps all along the leg. Super mega shoes trend is given by Lady Gaga they are so high that they look weird and uncomfortable. These shoes will attract not every woman but yes those who love Lady Gaga go for these shoes. A transparent shoe in heels, sandals and slippers gives a dual look to shoes. Some designers use to make whole shoes of transparent stuff with a soft touch of thin piping all around. Silver and golden footwear trend never goes out of fashion and in Shoes fashion 2012 it is still in trend.

Rivets are considered as the sexiest shoes trends among all because the straps look amazing and alluring on your feet, legs and ankle. When they are wrapped around your legs or feet it gives them a new fashionable look. Wedged heels is again back in trend in 2012 but the thing most women dislike about them is that they cannot make their way easy and comfortable by wearing them. Neon colors as we are seeing getting very trendy in dresses similarly they are trendier in shoes also.

Neon colors look very sexy and hot and the most noticeable thing about them is they use to attract people and make their eyes freeze towards your shoes.

Buckles and ties on shoes adds a girlish and cutish look in them, they will stay in vogue in every trend because there are many girls who love such type of girlish and cutish look. As far as shoes fashion 2012 winters are concerned reptiles leather are very trendy specially snake skin designers consider for their designing and styling.

Patent leather shoes, suede shoes and lacing shoes can be styled in thousands of different forms. Pencil heels again are in trend in 2012 with a new revolution and appearance. They make your leg and calf appear thin and sexy.


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