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Haircuts for long face

Those who have long face should refrain from too short or too long haircut. If you have straight hair then you should opt for bangs on forehead, bangs can be blunt, side wept or brow skimming. Bangs are recommended for long faces as they reduce the long appearance of your face by covering your forehead.

Short haircuts look awesome on oblong or long faces if they are carry in a proper manner. If you have long facial features, long neck and an elegant collar bone then they should go for short haircuts. Pixie haircut is best for long and narrow faces. A short wedge haircut makes your neck line and collar bone attentive.

Layered haircut is suitable for long faces as layers make longer and thinner faces wide by adding volume and thickness to hairs. Framing face layered haircut frames the face and add deep and wide look at the front. Ask your hairstylist to create volume and wideness at the center of face by cutting layers at the ear and cheek bones.

Your haircut length should be above the cheeks or below the cheeks that will covers and frames your strong jaw line. Layers that hit the cheekbones give a nice and elegant widening to the face so that it wouldn’t look longer. Chin length haircut in which usually bob haircut is popular because it gives the semblance of widened face. If you have long face then never ever go for long straight haircut, as it will further procrastinate your face.

Shoulder length wavy haircut draw out cheek bones and makes a long face rounded than longer. Shaggy bob haircut in which the layers on this a- line bob cut gives a fringy and choppy look to the ends. Jagged haircut makes the jaw line look thinner and hence fills the empty places around the longer face that make it look healthy.

U or v shaped haircut adds volume and width to the oblong faces. Brow skimming bangs will lessen the length of your face whereas side wept and wispy bangs reduce the geometry and length of

your face. If your hairs are straight and sleeked then ask your stylist for longer locks in front with angled, blunt edges gradually becomes shorter towards the back.

Messy haircut is for those who have naturally curly or wavy hairs, get some layers on them, keep the hairs from the back shorter, and cut some uneven side bangs with it. Inverted bob haircut in which the stylist cut the hair at the back very short near the nape of the neck. The side cut is longer and choppy with bangs

complementing it. To get a medium layered choppy haircut get lot of choppy layers on both sides, cut the ends of the hairs into tapering, and pieces.

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