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Beauty Tips 2013

Beauty is what that other persons like your quality, what type of your looking is, if you look great to other than you are beautiful, mostly beauties are God gifted that is called natural beauties, but you can also make yourself more beautiful by applying some styles and fashions, as well as the other persons will like you, you will be a beautiful.

Beauty is way to build and organize your body parts, and we also need to improve our nature, liking, disliking, habits, and which is best for you, which will make you comfortable and satisfied when you have many fans of you.

Here I want to tell you some beauty tips 2013, by using these tips you will be a beautiful, charming, handsome and eye catching.

Bold and Outlined Lips:

This trend is a scary but it is latest beauty tip 2013. Now you not need to swipe or remove the colour which are outside the lip boundary, make an outline with the colour matching with your eyes or use the same colored lens. You should use lusterless or no shiny lipstick.

Fresh Face:

In beauty tips 2013 I am including the fresh face that is perfectly necessary for your beauty. In spring season you need to make your face clean and fresh by using some soap according to your doctor’s advice which will make your face fresh.

Get Rid From Dandruff:

Minimize the pressure and worry. Wash and make it dirt free and brush your hair daily to recover the blood circulation and diminish flakiness.
Another beauty tip for removing dandruff is to “Take a 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 3 teaspoons of water mix it and use it on the roots of hairs before sleeping. Cover it with towel complete night and repeat it for a week”.

For Weak hairs:

If your hairs are weak then don’t be angry, use pink color and die your hairs, it’s a fashion in spring 2013. Don’t use inconsiderate chemical oil, use the best oil. Protect your hairs don’t use that shampoos which having sulfates.
Smoky Eyes:

In beauty tips 2013 I want to suggest, make your eyes smoky when you go for evening party. Use black eyeliner eyeshade gray type.

For a Radiant Complexion:

Cut the grapes in two halves and polish your face with piece of grapes. Fruits have natural exfoliates acids which will recover it.

Stay Protected Skin:

In beauty tips 2013 I want to tell you how to get protection of your skin, Before sun shine apply a moisturizer with black tea extract and take a bath daily that will stay fresh your body.

Reduce Puffiness:

If you use cube of ice in your mouth and move it in your mouth inside, you will definitely look your puffiness and dark circles will mitigate.

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